About Us

www.iamcreditfree.com was set up for the vast majority of hard-working families who need a simple solution for debt relief rather then feeling like they are endeavoring to navigate the Amazon jungle without a map.

It doesn’t help that the debt consolidation marketplace is muddled with “legal jargon”, or that the offers in many cases are complicated by style and design so as to disguise the lending institution’s true purpose.

Fundamentally, consumers are pretty much the victims of ignorance, and it’s certainly not their fault. Nevertheless, the repercussions of lack of knowledge can be very expensive. The main problems we see in debt consolidation are:

  1. People don’t understand debt and its consequences
    2. People don’t know how to find help

Most people who need help don’t know they have multiple options available to them. Put simply, these two issues are the core focus of our entire operation and form the basis of everything we do.

www.iamcreditfree.com was developed to successfully educate consumers, business people, property owners and others about the consequences when considering the most important financial decisions in their lives as well as making it as easy as possible for people to make use of their options.

Because of this, our online presence provides engaging, informative and educational material, along with our lender-matching support for consumers.

Many financial institutions disregard consumers and businesses that may not have the best credit history or asset backing which can sometimes quite legitimately take place for valid, unavoidable situations and not fairly represent the consumer.

For this reason www.iamcreditfree.com have decided not to exclusively focus on the “good credit rating” customer profile. We focus on the A-type borrower as well (with an above average income and sound credit rating), connecting them with professional brokers who are happy to locate competitive rates.

www.iamcreditfree.com aspires to become a destination where nearly anybody can find a solution that works for them even if their financial history isn’t as it should or could be.