Surviving the A Credit Crisis

In the current economic climate, it has been difficult for many to maintain a good credit score. Understanding how your credit score works is important. With the large amount of layoffs and the lack of available funds to borrow, keeping ourselves afloat has never been more difficult. As we begin to feel the squeeze of the credit crisis, we start to see mounting bills and other debt that just cannot be ignored. From utility bills to credit card payments, action must be taken in order Continue reading →

Improve Credit With Consolidate Student Loans

Student loans are the type of financial aid offered by the government to qualified college students so as to help them with the rising costs of university education. Just like any other loans, student loans are also given with an interest rate. But the interest bestowed upon student loans is considerably low when compared to the regular ones. Most consolidate student loans with student grants. When done that way, part of the loan need not be repaid anymore. That alone is going to be a Continue reading →

Examples of Investment Policies And Fund Types

Investment policies and Fund types Most of the mutual funds are being handled by the Asset management company as they collect the funds and the management fee from the investors for operations. Investors are open to invest in most of the market sectors without any constraint and can even switch assets across different types of funds while still getting benefited from the centralized record maintenance features. You can also ready more about some of the different vanguard funds.  Check out some examples of investment policies Continue reading →

Credit Card vs Debit Card

You’ve heard the phrase about a million times right before you swipe your card through those Point of Sale (POS) terminal at the grocery or department store. (By the way, why the crap can’t those things all work the same way? I have to guess the order of operation at each retailer. Do I swipe then press credit? Do I tell the clerk what I’m using first? Do I press cancel to use credit? You have two choices in this situation. (1) Ask the clerk, Continue reading →

Roth IRA Is Better Than Roth 401(k)

The Roth IRA has one distinct advantage over the newly-arrived Roth 401(k). With a Roth IRA, you can withdraw your initial investment fee- and tax-free at any time. Not so with the Roth 401(k). You can’t withdraw your contribution to a Roth 401(k) until you actually retire. Should you want to withdraw your contribution from your Roth IRA, simply contact the financial services company where you invest and tell them what you want to do. They’ll be able to tell you the amount you’ve contributed if you don’t remember. Continue reading →

Basic Tax Diversification

When investors talk about diversification, they’re typically referring to diversification. But there’s another kind of diversification. It’s called tax diversification and you might be practicing it without knowing it. Tax diversification is the idea that you should have investments subject to each of the various tax treatments. The idea applies not only to U.S. citizens, but those of other countries as well. There are three types of tax treatments for our purposes – tax-deferred, tax-free, and taxable. The three account types Tax-deferred. Tax-deferred accounts are Continue reading →

Why You Should Do Credit Card Arbitrage

I wasn’t going to ever write about credit card arbitrage, but a couple of fellow PF bloggers have had some experiences within the last week that I felt deserved comment. First I read Q’s post at $1 Million to My Name about how he’s finally succumbed to the lure of 0% balance transfers. Credit card arbitrage, or 0% balance transfers, are a common way some personal finance-savvy people make a little ‘free’ money. Essentially, you apply for a 0% balance transfer credit card with a large credit Continue reading →

Credit Card Approval Criteria & Best Use of Credit Cards

Credit Cards are small plastic cards that can give you financial flexibility. There are different types of credit cards that are issued by financial companies. Examples of these are business credit cards, student credit cards, and secured credit cards, among others. But before somebody gets approved for a card, a series of background check is performed first. And all credit card companies, including those providing online credit cards, use them. Credit Card Approval Criteria Used in Issuing a Credit Card Creditworthiness.  Creditworthiness corresponds to a Continue reading →

Free Self Credit Repair Services

If you have overwhelming credit, unmistakably you are subjected to ignominy. The creditors will often mince disparaging words. But you can put things back to the system if you have at least an iota of hope.. Here are the top tips to help you overcome the bad credit menace. Read more.  The article covers Tips on How to Repair Bad Credit Check your credit report regularly Review the Best Free Self Credit Repair Services There are experts you can get to teach you how to Continue reading →

Are Credit Card Companies Really Charging 83.3% Interest?

Everyone pays attention to the interest rate when shopping around for credit cards, but Finance Charge policies are rarely glanced at. Are credit card company’s are really charging you 83.3% interest?   The normal credit card APR ranges from 12%-29%.  When a customer receives a $1000 loan from a bank, the bank in turn has the legal right to charge interest on the rate you borrowed the loan. If, for example, the interest rate were a fixed 10%, cost of borrowing the original $1000 would be at Continue reading →