Surviving the A Credit Crisis

In the current economic climate, it has been difficult for many to maintain a good credit score. Understanding how your credit score works is important. With the large amount of layoffs and the lack of available funds to borrow, keeping ourselves afloat has never been more difficult. As we begin to feel the squeeze of the credit crisis, we start to see mounting bills and other debt that just cannot be ignored. From utility bills to credit card payments, action must be taken in order Continue reading →

Improve Credit With Consolidate Student Loans

Student loans are the type of financial aid offered by the government to qualified college students so as to help them with the rising costs of university education. Just like any other loans, student loans are also given with an interest rate. But the interest bestowed upon student loans is considerably low when compared to the regular ones. Most consolidate student loans with student grants. When done that way, part of the loan need not be repaid anymore. That alone is going to be a Continue reading →

Manage Debt to Income Ratio and Your Debt

Manage Debt to Income Ratio You might be asking yourself “How do I manage my debt to income ratio?”  Understanding your debt to income ratio is extremely important in managing your debt. Unfortunately; however, many people fail to understand this very important concept and as a result their credit scores suffer. Regardless of whether you are currently considering taking out a loan or you are looking at ways in which you can pay off your current debt load it is imperative to always keep a Continue reading →